Turkey – In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

Hello everyone,
I’m back in Turkey again, and thought I should complete my adventures in Asia Minor before I head off to Greece again.

For those of you who don’t know I have joined a couple of (small group) tours with an Archaeology/ History tour company called Peter Sommer Travels. Peter Sommer is a guy who as a PhD student in the early ’90s (on Alexander the Great) decided to follow Alexander’s path through Asia Minor as Turkey was known then. He took 6 months to walk 2000 kilometers through Turkey. Michael Wood (TV historian who you may know from the recent India series he did on TV) was one of his patrons on this walk. Anyway, it turned out that Michael Wood then decided to do a TV series (BBC/PBS) following Alexander (in his Footsteps) from Macedonia right through to India and back and subsequent death in Persia. Peter Sommer was commissioned as the resident Archaeologist, while a Turkish guy named Cem (pronounced Gem) was the “fixer” – local Turkey ‘go to man’ for all organisational/ logistical matters. Following this, the 2 of them then went on and developed careers in both TV and travel. Cem’s recent “fixing” jobs included the Sam Neil Gallipoli Documentary and Joanna Lumley’s “Noah’s Ark – in search of”.  So that is to set the scene… These were the 2 people who lead our group! Continue reading “Turkey – In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great”

Travels in Turkey – Istanbul

Hello from sunny Bodrum, Turkey, formerly known as Halicarnassus, the city which held one of seven Wonders of the Ancient World!  I’ve had a wonderful time delving into Byzantium Istanbul, and then following in Alexander the Great’s footsteps in Asia Minor along Turkey’s Aegean coastline.

I arrived in Istanbul in early Spring and right in the beginning of their Tulip Festival – there were flowers everywhere! I have to admit I did not know that the Dutch imported Tulips originally from Turkey, but I do now. The Tulip symbol is everywhere. Continue reading “Travels in Turkey – Istanbul”