My Greek Odyssey – Cruising the Cyclades – part 2

Kali-mera from Paros ! (west of Naxos)  Hope you are all well.

I’m getting close to the end of my time in Greece, on Saturday I go to Santorini to meet my sister, Gera, we stay for 1 week, then onto Loire Valley for cycling!  As I finish my adventures Cruising around the Cyclades, I thought I should include a map for orientation for those people who have not (and those who have) been to the Greek Islands. Continue reading “My Greek Odyssey – Cruising the Cyclades – part 2”

My Greece Odyssey – Cruising the Cyclades – part 1


Kalimera (good morning) from Greece!

Well I am now in Rhodes, and having some time off to rest and recharge the batteries.
I’ve had a wonderful couple of weeks in the company of really fantastic people and a terrific crew on a Turkish Gulet. I will try to give you a glimpse of the last weeks, though looking through my photos on both my camera and iPad, it feels like it was eons ago, so many things we did and saw. After Athens I took an afternoon flight back to Bodrum, via Istanbul, arriving quite late (after lots of delays at Istanbul as usual)

As my Hotel in Bodrum was walking distance to the harbour, I was met and “walked” to the Gulet. I had the same Group Leaders as in Athens, so that made it a little easier. The group arrived throughout the late afternoon – a large group this time, 18 people + 2 leaders. 5 couples from Australia (!), 2 people from Sth Africa, 4 from USA and only 1 from UK (a frequent traveller with Peter Sommer – he had been on almost all their trips and was doing them all again – this was the 3rd time he had done the Cyclades). Continue reading “My Greece Odyssey – Cruising the Cyclades – part 1”

My Greek Odyssey – Athens and Surrounds


Hello everyone,
I have now moved to Greece and will spend the next 5 weeks or so here. By way of introduction, I’m doing another tour (8 days) from the same company (Peter Sommer) in Athens on Archaeology, Food and culture.  I’m sure some of you have been to Athens before, so I will try to make this trip travelogue brief.

Continue reading “My Greek Odyssey – Athens and Surrounds”