Ma Tournee en France -Vallee de la Loire


Bonjour a tous!

We finally arrived in Blois after a long journey, via Athens and Paris to commence our Bike adventure through the Loire Valley.

We had a wonderful start to our adventure in France, being welcomed by some French ex-colleagues of mine, T. and his family for dinner, and then a wonderful lunch in Amboise the next day with D., after a mini tour of his home town of Montrichard and surrounds, near Chateaux of Chenonceau. It set the scene for a wonderful week of delicious food and the need for strenuous exercise to overcome our overindulgences! Continue reading “Ma Tournee en France -Vallee de la Loire”

My Greek Odyssey – continues

IMG_0392Hello everyone,
I am now on my last leg of Greece! While I wait for my sister’s plane to arrive in Santorini, I thought I would give you a quick update on the last few Islands prior to Santorini. Just 2 more onto top of the 11 already visited! But there are so many more too.. They will have to wait for another adventure. Hmm maybe Dodecanese next year? Continue reading “My Greek Odyssey – continues”