Greece: Dodecanese Cruising – Chalki, Symi

DSC03812We are almost at the end of our Dodecanese Cruise.  The weather became stormy and windy as we sailed into Chalki (pronounced Halki).   Chalki and later Symi are very close to Rhodes, the capital of the Knights of St. John’s influence. Both islands have very similar Italianate-like architecture. Lots of different colours adorn the doors and shutters, each building competing with the next with a new colour combination.

Chalki has a magnificent medieval fortress set high up in the mountains, with views to neighbouring islands and the passing sea-traffic. The weather, however, proceeded to deteriorate,  becoming very, very windy, so we left Chalki early and sheltered overnight in a nearby bay of the small island of Alimia. Alimia was used in antiquity as an anchorage for the Rhodian Fleet and protected us and many other boats seeking shelter.  Later this year it will be the site of a Belgium reality survival TV show.. “Beyond Borders Belgium”….


The magnificent Fortress on the rocky acropolis.
view as we climbed up to the Fortress
the goats accompanied us on the climb..
but not the locals…
A small chapel half way up to the acropolis


A local museum dedicated to a typical 19th C home
Storm brought in the surf … and brought out the local swimmers.
The beautiful calm bay of Alimia

DSC04023Fortunately the bad weather was gone by the next morning, so we could return to swimming in another beautiful bay. Late afternoon we headed off to nearby Symi to spend the evening in this lovely port town.

arrival in Symi


beautiful Symi


Magnificent views again
Symi in the evening light
not just a tourist town


farewell to Symi

Final stop … Rhodos…










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