My Italian Grand Tour: Villas of Lombardy


We left Lake Como and travelled through Lombardy into Piedmont to Lake Maggiore; visiting some special villas along the way. Our first stop was Villa Cicogna Mozzino, in a village north of Varese. It was a home originally built as a hunting lodge for the Mozzoni family in 1400!. It has remained with the Mozzoni family until this day.

We were fortunate to also have a special guided tour by a family member and were hosted to a Sunday lunch afterwards. The Villa was extended to its present size in the 16th C and decorated in elaborated frescoes both inside and out.  As the Villa was primarily used in the summer months, the internal frescoes have kept their colour and vibrancy to this day (no smoke or moisture).  The scenes were of gardens and country life so the house and garden almost melded seamlessly into one. It was a wonderful and special place to visit.

The beautiful Villa Cicogna Mozzoni






Just east of Lake Maggiore, we completed the day with a visit to the Villa Della Porta Bozzolo. The garden and house were started in the 17th C, and completed in the 18th C in a dramatic Baroque style.

Entrance to the Villa Della Porta Bozzolo



Next stop … Lake Maggiore





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