Myanmar: On the Road to Mandalay – Christmas


Christmas Day started with presents …

During Breakfast, the Pandaw Team provided each of us with little presents – every one different.  Then the good mood continued when we arrived in the town of Min Hla. The fort there was built by the Italians in 1860 to keep the British at bay from Royal Burma. That day it was the scene for photos – Wedding Photos that is … a local one! We were roped in to be part of the official Wedding photos! Hot Fuchsia was the colour of the day! 

The Beautiful Bride


Bride taking photos of us!
Last minute adjustments for the Groom!


Min Hla had a wonderful market where we bought more longhis and this time had them “ready made” for us – on the spot – for an additional 500 Kyats (about 50 cents). We needed something special for Christmas dinner!  We now started to see more traditional hill tribe outfits and hats – more shopping for some. Lots of locals were just as interested in us, they posed, we posed – we all posed for photos together…


Very happy to pose for photos


Sewing up my Christmas Longhi

After lunch we arrived in Magwe. General Aung Su was born in this district in the nearby town of Natmauk. We travelled by trishaw to visit his monument, and then back to the magnificent Myat-thalon Pagoda. It has marvellous views over the Ayeyarwady. However, the special treat for us was to view a special ceremony that takes place at the Pagoda. Each year boys go into the monastery to become monks for a week. Their initiation ceremony is elaborate and one that the whole family takes part in. The boys are dressed and made up so extravagantly, along with their sisters, parents and extended families. The extravagant make up and dress is typical of the cultural arts we later learnt, with respect to the marionettes and traditional dancers, so boys with full eye make and dresses is not out of the ordinary at all. (only to us westerners). It was a wonderful site to behold; the parade around the Pagoda and then blessings by the Monk and family.

Heading off to General Aung San
General Aung San – On horseback of course!


boys trying to keep up with trishaw convoy
Entrance to Myat-Thalon Pagoda
another photo please…
Beautiful Myat-Thalon Temple
Start of the procession


An initiate and his proud sisters
two initiates!
View of the Ayeyarwady River


Santa’s food store was increasing – the beginning of a wonderful dinner.










2 thoughts on “Myanmar: On the Road to Mandalay – Christmas”

  1. Hi Elly. I’ve finally checked out your Myanmar shots. SO beautiful. I can understand why you came back raving about your trip. Looks and sounds wonderful!!!

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