Greece: Dodecanese Cruising – Rhodes


Well here I am on my last stop of the Dodecanese: Rhodes, in glorious sunshine.  Actually, I’ve been home in Australia for a month, missing the Greek summer weather terribly, catching up on life at home and trying to finish my trip photos and blog; so I hope you forgive me.  You can visit the site and subscribe via email for new updates and previous posts.

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Greece: Dodecanese Cruising – Chalki, Symi

DSC03812We are almost at the end of our Dodecanese Cruise.  The weather became stormy and windy as we sailed into Chalki (pronounced Halki).   Chalki and later Symi are very close to Rhodes, the capital of the Knights of St. John’s influence. Both islands have very similar Italianate-like architecture. Lots of different colours adorn the doors and shutters, each building competing with the next with a new colour combination.

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Greece: Dodecanese Cruising – Nisyros, Tilos


Welcome to Nisyros, a beautiful Island with the most fantastic views back to Kos and mainland Turkey!  I visited here in 2015 during the Cyclades Cruise with PST and it is still as lovely as I remembered.  The weather continued to be amazing, providing unbelievable visibility to the surrounding islands.  We moored overnight in Mandraki, beside another Peter Sommer Gulet (on a private trip).

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Greece: Dodecanese Cruising – Leros, Kos

DSC03299We begin the next leg in Leros, an Island with a long history linked to the Ionian city of Miletos. Under the Byzantium rule, Leros belonged first to Samos, then the Fortress of Panteli was under control of the Monastery of St. John of Patmos. It was occupied by the Knights Hospitalier (Rhodes), then the Ottomans, and finally by the Italians until the end of WWII. When the Italians surrendered, it was the location for a fierce battle between the last of the German Air force and the Allies, immortalised in the novel “Guns of Navarone”. It also had an interesting modern history being a site of exile for dissidents during the Greek Communist regime.   The Italian history is particularly prominent in the port town of Lakki, with its 1930s Italianate architectural design (Militaristic Art Deco) unlike any other Greek town.

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Greece: Dodecanese Cruising – Kalymos, Patmos, Samos


Hello from Kos!

I have started my final leg on my recent travels – this time I’m finishing with a relaxing Gulet cruise throughout the Dodecanese Islands; a group of Greek Islands that hug the Turkish west coast. It was bliss to unpack for the very last time and to just enjoy the experience of cruising and site-seeing.  After an overnight welcome in Kos, we sailed for Kalymnos. 

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Further Travels in Greece : Athens


View from my Hotel


Hello from Athens, a brief stop to revisit some wonderful places.  I had fantastic weather, as you can see, it was hot and calm, none of the wind and dust like last year. So I took the opportunity to revisit the Acropolis and also the fantastic Archaeology Museum, Acropolis Museum and really interesting Benaki Museum properly.

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Further Travels in Greece: Delphi

Gymnasium used for the Phythian Games, stone seats added by the Romans.

Ya sas!

Well here I am in Greece again. I am spending 4 nights in Athens before I travel to Kos to join my final tour. I wanted to spend some extra days in Athens to catch up on things I did not have time for last year, and to revisit some places that I need more time at a leisurely pace.  Continue reading “Further Travels in Greece: Delphi”