Turkey: Walking & Cruising the Lycian Shore concludes..


We are on our last days in Turkey, we gradually head back north and west up the Turquoise Coast.  On the coast of the Xanthos valley lies the ancient capital of the Lycian League, Patara. There is archaeological evidence dating back to 1300 BC and the presence of bronze age Hittites; but it came more to prominence when Alexander the Great conquered all the coastal Greek cities in 334/333 BC.  Patara became the centre of Lycia when the Romans finally granted them autonomy from Rhodes in 168/167 BC. It became the official capital of Roman “Province of Lycia” in 43 AD. The city flourished under the Roman, Byzantine and Turk/Seljuk Empires until the 15th C AD when it eventually declined as was reclaimed by the environment. Continue reading “Turkey: Walking & Cruising the Lycian Shore concludes..”